April 7, 2015


Land of Excess doesn’t know what to make of this mirrored fireplace surround in Great Falls, VA.  We suppose on a cold snowy winter evening with a roaring fire it must all look spectacular in a glittery club-like sort of way, but this does not bring to our minds the phrase “The ultimate in understated elegance”, which is how the selling realtor has chosen to describe this 15,500 sq. ft. residential dwelling.  Secretly, our founder is outraged at this decor as it clashes in spirit with the old woods that existed here before, and contrasts too with our memories of that land.  This place is part of the first subdivision built on a large untouched forest tract at the SW corner of the intersection of Georgetown Pike and Old Dominion Drive that had previously contained a narrow tricky winding horse trail that connected up with another trail running through Great Falls Park.  One time we recall riding home at a fast trot in complete darkness [this was not our fault, we will spare you the explanation] and we couldn’t even see the trail or the old logs fallen across it, but our trusty pony knew exactly what he was doing and he was very eager to get to the barn and supper.  Oh, and $2,990,000 gets the lucky buyer 7 bedrooms, 7 full and 2 partial baths, and garaging for 4 cars.