April 21, 2014


Here is your “Upper Level Cigar Room” !!!   Land of Excess’s founder is all agog about the wallpaper.  But, too, she is agog, always, at all the cubic footage of these huge residential dwellings in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.  The potential studio space!!  And think of it:


The Small Works Archive Room;

The Large Works Archive Room;

The Room for the Work That Should Be Destroyed Before One Dies;

The Cold Storage Room For Transparencies, Negatives, Etc.

The Guest Room For Visiting Curators etc. Who Want to “Really Get To Know You”.


Anyway, this place is listed at $5,390,000 in Great Falls, VA, with 7 full and 3 partial baths (this means at least TEN toilets), 5 bedrooms, and garaging for 3 cars.