April 2, 2014


This morning Land of Excess brings you a “NEW TBB VERSAILLES CUSTOM HOMES [sic]”.  This will be going up not far from our founder’s first house in Great Falls, VA, a house we are happy to report has not yet been torn down.  Sorry, TMI.  Anyway, inspired by one of our readers remarks about yesterday’s post, Land of Excess picks up on his cartoon notion and presents our vision of a catchy marketing image for this “TBB” [to be built] residential dwelling.  $3,495,000 gets you 6 bedrooms, 7 full and 2 partial baths, and garaging space for 4 cars in two different places.  Now, really, if one is going to purchase this place, one should have garaging for quaint lumpen vehicles and not Maserati-type sports cars.