April 16, 2013


“This archetypal property is as impressive as it is glamorous”.  Well golly.  If this residential structure in Potomac, MD was built in 2006, they might have gotten a little farther with the tree planting and such.  And the same goes for most of the neighboring properties.  It is now 2013 and they could have had plantings that are SEVEN YEARS OLD instead of property that looks like it is the barren surroundings of an Exxon filling station.   Land of Excess’s founder can’t help confiding a little family secret.  She and her siblings were advised by their parents to plant and otherwise landscape their hypothetical future properties as if they were going to live on them all of their lives, as opposed to possessing their properties in a hit and run manner.   We don’t like it that we have to witness sequential hit and run occupations of properties within our sights over our lifetimes.   Oh, $2,800,000 with a 3 car garage, 7 full and 1 half baths, and 7 bedrooms.