April 14, 2013


So today Land of Excess continues at length with the same property as yesterday, the “Fabulous Opportunity!!!” in Potomac, MD.  What we had immediately wanted to discuss, upon seeing this online listing yesterday, was the first two words in the listing text: “Rustic Rancher”.  Our immediate reaction was that we could never in a million years say “Rustic Rancher” out loud.  We really want to ask our inside source on all that is Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area real estate inside gossip, Joelle Van Dyne, if SHE can say “Rustic Rancher” out loud to anyone.  Or for that matter, can she stand to say, as a Certified Real Estate Assistant, that oh yes your realtor Mike will be happy to show you that French Chateau on Tuesday, and after that you can look at the Rustic Rancher and the Cotswold Stone Manor.  And now,  to go slightly off the rails, we add that this reminds our founder of the culture shock she experienced on discovering after newly arriving at Cal Arts in Valencia, CA  in the fall of 1987 that there was “film” and then there was what they called, so vulgarly, she thought, “Experimental Film”.    Experimental Film, Rustic Rancher, Cotswold Stone Manor, Fabulous Opportunity, we are not saying these things out loud to anyone.