April 10, 2014


Land of Excess revisits a residential building featured in one of our earliest posts!!!!  This unfortunate grandiosity has not managed to find a buyer yet.  We recall that at one point in 2012 it was listed at $15,900,000.  Now you can have it for the bargain price of  $12,900,000.  It is in the McLean Reserve, “a breathtaking estate community” offering “around-the-clock- security”,  as proclaimed on its HOA website.  Anyway, inside this thing is “an indoor pool, indoor raquetball [sic]/basketball court, wine cellar, elevator, grand ballroom, luxury theatre, steam showers…nanny quarters, whole house generator…” etc. etc.  Oh, and 9 full and 3 partial bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, and garaging for 5.  Whenever our founder’s mind alights on any aspect of the McLean Reserve, she thinks back to the charming little visit she and her mother paid to John and Lee Trott and their small log cabin, tucked back in what used to be 258 completely unmolested wooded acres.  They were teachers and ecologists.  His last position was at the Madeira School. When the Reserve was about to happen, Madeira moved the cabin the mile or so from its old site to the grounds of the school.  We doubt John and Lee required 24 hour security, or 12 toilets in their cabin for that matter.