July 27, 2015


Today Land of Excess keeps our promise and reveals to you the Hubristic Period admonition we mentioned in our last post!  This admonition was featured on a poster on the wall opposite the crypt-like thingy we had been writing about, and was visible in the round mirror on that crypt-like thingy.  We understand that “DO NOT SUFFER FOOLS GLADLY”, does not sound like bad advice.  However, we are thrilled to see it proudly displayed in such a foolish disaster of a room, the decor of which seems so isolating and also incoherent. Anyway, the presence of this poster confirms our prejudices about McMansions and their occupants. Our founder has to admit that, given our upbringing, we understood we were to suffer fools politely, and that also we were to understand that on occasion we might be one of those fools ourselves.  Today we look up this admonition and find David Brooks of the NYT saying this, in a column from January 3, 2013:

“The phrase originally came from William Tyndale’s 1534 translation of the Bible. In it, Paul was ripping into the decadent citizens of Corinth for turning away from his own authoritative teaching and falling for a bunch of second-rate false apostles. “For ye suffers fool gladly,” Paul says with withering sarcasm, “seeing ye yourselves are wise.”

Well this post has really gone off the rails today and we think we should just stop here.  Anyway, $2,375,000 in Great Falls, VA with garaging for 4, 7 full and 1 partial bath, and 6 bedrooms, and so much more.