July 25, 2015


After our two previous posts featuring one building, Land of Excess feels ready to move along to a fresh Hubristic Period residential dwelling. This one is also in Great Falls, VA. Here is a small section of the lower level. At right, part of the video viewing area, and a left is the “wtf”. We don’t know what else to call this little vignette, and “wtf” seems appropriate. Although suggestions are welcome. We see the imitation modernist chaise-lounge centered on the circular rug. We see an elaborately carved multi-paneled wood wall surrounding a terrifying crypt-like thingy that may be a gas fireplace with fake logs, which is itself surrounded by a steel (?) and vaguely nautical-motif-y thingy with a circular mirror at top. We happen to know it is a mirror because we know that reflected in it is a wonderful Hubristic Period admonition spelled out on a poster on the opposite wall, which we will feature in a future post. But what a deal at $2,375,000!!!!! Garaging for 4, 7 full and 1 partial baths, and 6 bedrooms.